About Westpac Solutions

Our Philosophy

Westpac Solutions provides sanitation products, technical support and facility training and education programs to support and improve performance in your business. It is our priority in delivering the results that have made Westpac synonymous with best in class technology, service and expertise throughout our 16-year history.

Our customer knowledge and understanding are the foundation of all services and solutions we provide. From that understanding we drive continuous improvement, change in process, information flow – applying technology and process to complex and simple tasks alike, creating new efficiencies and new value for our customers.

Since its inception Westpac Solutions has been creating the right solution one customer at a time. We create sustainable solutions that improve and grow over time, because our commitment to our customers drives us to create customers for life.

Multiple Products & Services

At Westpac Solutions, it’s easy to say we can supply & support all aspects of The Jan/San Industry, but employ world class staff, sales and technicians in each of our divisions to provide the best possible service to customer needs. Your staff can also enjoy a strong training program that will allow our solutions to work for you.

Our History

Founded in 2002 by Henry Reimer and Jeff Gerhardt Westpac Solutions was created on the promise to bring value and real solutions to a growing customer base. With a combined 50+ years’ experience in the Jan/San industry Henry and Jeff decided to branch out on their own to form a company that would bring continuous improvement and innovations. Knowing that customers are at the center of everything Westpac does Henry and Jeff wanted to provide a company where our customer were treated with honesty and respect while providing solutions that support them best.

Our Owners

Henry Reimer, President & Partner

Henry comes with a BBA from the University of Illinois, combined with 28 plus years in the paper, packaging and cleaning supply business, Henry provides a unique perspective when it comes to fulfilling modern-day supply program challenges.

Henry’s worked in senior positions for some of North America's top Manufacturing and Distribution Companies and has a long list of accomplishments including Canadian Salesman of the Year, President's and Canada Club Award for Top Sales as well as being a successful entrepreneur for over 16 years at Westpac Solutions.

You can count on Henry's big picture thinking and expertise to help you solve all your facilities supply challenges.

Jeff Gerhardt, VP Sales Development & Partner

Jeff is the consummate sales professional with 30 + years’ experience in the North American paper and packaging industry. During most of that, he’s held a range of senior sales, upper management positions due to his excellent ability to listen, learn and add value.

Jeff has worked for some of the highest grossing companies in North America, and he’s also won his fair share of industry accolades including a four-year record on the President’s Club.

A natural self-starter, Jeff has worked his way up through the industry with experience in all areas of fulfillment and distribution. Jeff's also the guy that knows the industry inside and out and understands the challenges of maintaining large-scale operations. Many Westpac customers have learned to rely on Jeff's significant knowledge and problem-solving abilities.

You can rely on Jeff's significant experience to help you streamline your facilities supply program.

Market Associations

ISSA Member

International Sanitation Supply Association

The world’s most recognized cleaning association, you become a member of a global community of more than 5,500 distributor, manufacturer, building service contractor, in-house service provider, and manufacturer representative companies.

Balpex - Promoting Entrepreeurship


Our mission is to create a healthy economic environment for entrepreneurs in the distribution sector, and to foster growth with programs, tools and advice.

Who we are

We’re a not-for-profit collective buying group for independent Canadian distributors. We’ve been in operation since 1973, and today have 50+ members and over $1 billion in net sales.

How we work

Through the combination of our members’ individual entrepreneurial spirits and their collective procurement influence, we secure programs they’d never be able to get on their own. As a member, you’d still operate as your own business, but you’d benefit from the increased purchasing power of a large entity.

And because Balpex members are also partners in the non-profit collective, 100% of the savings we negotiate on your behalf are returned to you.

At the same time, we support you as indispensable business partners. You’ll have access to support from industry veterans, which includes a marketing group, professional development programs and a large book of industry contacts.

British Columbia Contract Cleaners Association

BC Contract Cleaners

The purposes of the Society are to advance by all ethical means, the interests of contract cleaners, ownership and management as a business enterprise and in doing so, to raise the standards and enhance the status of contract cleaning as an industry.

BC Care Providers Association - Celebrating 40 Years | 1977 - 2017

BC Care Providers Association

Established in 1977, the BC Care Providers Association (BCCPA) is the largest industry association representing the seniors care sector in British Columbia, and is the voice for the majority of the B.C.’s non-government providers of residential care, assisted living, home care and home support. BCCPA’s membership includes over 300 organizations delivering residential care, assisted living, home support, and commercial products and services. Our members care for more than 16,000 seniors annually in residential care and assisted living, and over 11,000 each year through home care & home support services.

In 2017, BCCPA celebrated its fortieth anniversary by helping to secure a new $500 million 4-year funding boost for residential care and care worker training from the B.C. Government.

What We Do

On behalf of its members BCCPA focuses its efforts in the following key areas:

  • Foster Standards and Quality of Care: Advocate & enhance quality of life for seniors
  • Sustainability of Services: Ensure adequate funding to enhance quality care
  • Relationship Building: Collaborate and partner with government, health authorities and key stakeholders
  • Membership Services: Provide services to members to foster quality of care

Building Owners and Managers Association of British Columbia


BOMA BC (Building Owners and Managers Association of BC) is a not-for-profit association dedicated to the commercial buildings industry. We provide our members with exceptional networking opportunities, industry news and reports. We successfully advocate on the industry's behalf on government policy, regulations and taxation, and have saved the industry millions of dollars.