WESTPAC - Training & Certification

Westpac’s Technical training programs enhance your company’s image, improve morale and reduce turnover, motivate employees, recognize achievements and provide advancement opportunities. With Westpac’s training, you will be able to evaluate employee performance according to set standards and identify areas that require additional training.

Westpac has a training and education facility in the main office that can cover all facets of your company's Jan/San and training needs.

Therefore, all our courses can be tailor-made. We come to you with specific, multidisciplinary programs after a thorough analysis of your requirements, needs and objectives. We also adjust existing, or develop new programs to guarantee that you will always receive a comprehensive training solution adapted to your unique challenges. Our programs are designed to enhance your level of expertise and to address any local operational concerns or needs you have.


Our Courses

  • Hard Floor Care – Including chemicals, equipment and procedures.
  • Health & Safety – Including chemicals, equipment and procedures.
  • Restroom Sanitation & Shower Room Care – including chemicals, equipment and procedures.
  • Carpet Care – Including chemicals, equipment and procedures.
  • Equipment – Proper equipment care and daily maintenance.
  • Microfiber Cleaning – Color-coded cleaning systems and standards.
  • WHMIS Training – Global Harmonized System (GHS) of Chemical Safety Sheets (SDS).
  • Disinfection – Including blood borne pathogens & clean up protocol.
  • Above the floor Cleaning – Glass, stainless steel, wood & plastic surfaces.
  • Green Standards – References to green standards in LEED’s standards.

Educational Videos